04 July 2014

Mainely remembering the birth of a nation

It's July 4th and our nation celebrates the 238th anniversary of its 'birth' today. How young a nation we are! That youth allows us a measure of silliness, like blow out sales at an outlet mall in the forests of Maine. Trust me on this, as I speak from first-hand experience.

I'd only been to Maine once before our visit this long holiday weekend and and based on that trip to the fine metropolis of Bangor I thought that 'Maine' meant 'this is where the world ends.' I can now report that 'Maine' means 'land of a gazillion trees and an equal number of outlet malls and epically bad tats.'  Having said that, we've had a lot of fun here.

The stunningly patient and mighty fine SML ran her first road race in Freeport this morning. We did the LL Bean Family Fun Run. We were the oldest participants without children or grandchildren. SML did great but is resolute in her commitment that this was her first and last race.

Post-race, we were happy to indulge in the all-American sport of consumerism. We knocked out a bunch of items from The Boy's mission shopping list, so that was a good thing. We took a break on the Adirondack chairs outside yet another LL Bean store. I was particularly happy here because I had just finished an oatmeal cookie whoopie pie from a local institution called Wicked Whoopie. Let it be known that I will do very bad things if need be to fill my craving for one of these things. Best. Thing. Ever.

Now one of the reasons for our trip was to enjoy the charm of a small town fireworks show. Thanks to that shrew Mother Nature and her latest lap dog, Hurricane Arthur, fireworks shows from Boston upta Maine got cancelled. It's been raining steadily ever since but this did not preclude us from heading down to Cape Elizabeth to see the Portland Head Light. Even awash in rain, it was spectacular. The smell of the ocean was captivating, as was SML's excitement at taking it all in. It made for a great day.

It's been a great 4th of July celebration! For all of its faults, this an amazing country and I am grateful to call it home.

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