12 January 2015

Apparently, he was tired

Apparently, he was too tired to get up...or put on pants
This week's letter from TMFKATB was one missionary parents love to get. He spoke time and again about how happy he is. He's had a couple of moments of self-discovery too that are making it easier for him to focus on the people he's working with. Not even an earthquake that tossed him around his room this morning was going to dampen his spirit. Knowing that he is happy is a source of comfort, no a blessing, that is immeasurable to us.

I'll post a link to the letter later. It's been a day. Two hours hostage on the M train (don't ask) during evening rush can and does sap your energy. So when I've been renewed, yes, renewed, I'll add a link. But I will sleep peacefully knowing he's happy, serving, learning and growing a few thousand miles away.

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