15 April 2015


'Chillin' - that's how TMFKATB described himself in the picture. He has an obsession with these chairs, having made it clear already he's bringing one home. He seems perfectly relaxed, just chillin'.

Now, lest you think that I've been chillin,' I know I'm late in getting this posted and that I've actually been pretty silent here in the Den for the last several days. Combine a customized "Parents Weekend" trip with CAL in Dallas and a big work conference in Atlanta, wherein I had the honor of interviewing the president of Delta Air Lines in front of 700 of my industry peers, and throw in obscene hotel wi-fi charges, a rash of postings are nigh unto impossible. Hence, the late nature of the update.

All is well for TMFKATB. As he put it in his letter, it was a 'cool week.' He had some great experiences with seeing people make changes in their lives and circumstances brought him back to the first area he lived and served in. He was able to see some people there who are now good friends, so that made for a great week. He also learned that his companion who he has been training is being transferred. TMFKATB is staying put, but will once again, be training a brand-new missionary. He's a bit bowled over at the responsibility of training, but is committed to making it a great experience for this new missionary.

I can't help but admire his 'chill' pose. As I mentioned, CAL and I were in Dallas, wherein we got to do some chillin' of our own. We had a great time at a baseball game, watching the Texas Rangers play the Houston Astros. There's not a bad seat in that stadium, can I just tell you? We got our history freak on at Dealey Plaza. When we first entered the infamous sixth floor, I was taken aback at the emotion that briefly overcame me. What a tragic period in our history and I could not help but wonder about what could have been had an assassin's bullet not taken the life of President Kennedy.

While CAL was at seminar, I got to see a couple of great friends which led to all manner of laughter and excellent conversation, as well as indulging in a borderline religious experience involving brisket tacos. As I spent time hanging out with my daughter and these friends, I was reminded that I'm a lucky man. You've heard me say that before and you're going to hear more of it from me. I'd be a fool not to acknowledge it. I'm a lucky man.

Speaking of lucky, I'm thinking this lamb may not be so lucky:
An outdoor kitchen. A lamb. I hope this little guy didn't name the lamb....
TMFKAB included this picture in his letter. Call me crazy, but I don't think things are going to end well for the lamb. Seems to me the lucky one will be the one who gets the lamb in his taco.

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