05 April 2015

Where I Find Peace

Rays of long-absent sunshine pour through the windows of our family room this quiet morning. The trees that form our natural fence filter the precious sunlight and drink it in. You can almost see the buds on those trees, eager to become leaves, starting to form. The wind, which howled throughout the day yesterday, has gone still. It is a peaceful morning. It is Easter.

A millenia ago, sunlight poured into a tomb and a woman, looking inside, wept, because he who had been entombed there three days earlier was gone. At that moment, there was no peace for her. Her soul ached and she sobbed. She then heard a man asking her, "Woman, why weepest thou? whom seekest thou?" Not recognizing His voice, she asked him if knew where the body had been taken. He then uttered her name, "Mary," and she knew. It was Him. Peace filled her soul. He was risen.

He is risen. In those three words, I find peace. On this Easter morning, I am grateful for those three words. More importantly, I am grateful for Him and the comfort that I feel in knowing what I do of Him. The words of the third verse of the hymn "Where Can I Turn for Peace" are particularly meaningful to me:

He answers privately
Reaches my reaching
In my Gethsemane, Savior and Friend
Gentle the peace he finds for my beseeching.
Constant he is and kind,
Love without end.
- Text by Emma Lou Thayne

His message isn't complicated and it doesn't have to be divisive.

Peace. (Be) Kind. Love (One Another). We'd have a whole lot more of the first if we did a whole lot more of the second and third, wouldn't we?

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