06 April 2015

Loving learning

View of Tapachula
Knowing that TMFKATB had seen the doctor last week to address his ongoing gastrointestinal fiesta, we were curious to see what he'd have to say in this week's letter. His letter was upbeat, positive, and full of raves of his new-found love of learning. It also lacked, glaringly, an update as to what the doctor said. I have to remind myself that in spite of all that he's doing in his missionary service, he is still a nineteen year old. Giving your parents' an update on your health may slip in your mind.

That said, he described his week as 'chill.' Lots of work and he raved about his love of learning. Learning more about the language, the culture, and the things that he continues to teach (scripture, doctrine, etc). He admitted that this was not a love he had during high school (no kidding). He seems to have found it now and declared that he hopes now to never lose this love of learning. Woohoo! He had some opportunities to serve and to see rewards for continued hard work. Those are learnings too that he is enjoying.

To his credit, he did, in a note to the stunningly patient and mighty fine SML, mention that he made it to the doctor. He said the doctor felt his stomach, asked him "about a thousand questions" and then gave him some pills and that seemed to have done the trick. Um, that seems reasonable...

I can't argue though with the results. His letter and our real-time exchanges were so positive and continue to reflect a growth that no other experience could provide him. He's building the foundations for the rest of his life. Man, what a joy to be watching this!

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