27 July 2015

On learning a thing or two

He gets wiser
When TMFKATB was serving in Mexico during Part One of what we are now calling the Mission Two'Fer, we could pretty much set our clocks to the arrival of his weekly email. As was manifested last week (a day late!) and by his not getting on until around 2PM our time today, we can no longer plan our days around his emails. We (mostly me, I suppose) need to resign ourselves to the fact that they'll turn up when they do. No matter when those emails starting hitting our inboxes, it's a good thing.

This week's email was pretty reflective. TMFKATB had a week that was much different than he had expected (busy, full of teaching engagements). He saw miracles happen in the lives of some of the people they are working with. He had some insights into what happens when we are too hard on ourselves and that can hamper our progress in this life. He is seeing how important it is to do all you can do and to trust in God to make up the rest. In his letter to us, he reminded us all to do the same.

As a father, it's something else to be watching this transformative experience in one of your children. My daughters have passed through them and it's been just as rewarding to watch it. Our eldest becoming a mother and watching CAL traverse the waters of starting a career have given us the opportunity to witness their transformations. Being able to share in TMFKATB's transformation is different because due to the circumstances of his mission service, it's a little more passive than it was with our girls. It's been equally rewarding though.

I'm glad this 'Dad' thing doesn't end by virtue of your child turning 18 and now being seen as an adult in the eyes of the government. I'm happy it goes on, well, forever.

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