23 July 2015


Riding dirty with the ZL's
'Sorry' was the title of this week's email update from TMFKATB. He threw us for a loop when we heard nothing from him on Monday. By about 2PM our time on Monday, we were officially befuddled as we had not heard a single word from him. By 5PM, I was borderline 'Angry Dad,' throwing some shade at my son for failing to get a letter to us. Suffice to say, we closed our Monday evening feeling like we were just hanging.

Tuesday afternoon, he redeemed himself. As I sat in meetings in my Midtown office, I saw an email come across from TMFKATB, entitled 'Sorry,' and I was relieved. Turns out their regular Monday P-Day (day off) was switched to Tuesday to accommodate a big Temple excursion. So as usual the one who had to repent for throwing shade and judgement was me. Excellent.

He's had a busy week and will have a new companion next week. He's hopeful to stay in the area he's in as he has built some very positive relationships and would like to continue to be a part of their progress. He talked a bit about being one who is planting seeds and how much he appreciates the missionaries that came before him. Another good lesson for a young man - to recognize how you may not immediately see the results of your efforts, but the results will come. It's not a bad thing to lay a foundation. It's certainly not a bad thing to learn that lesson early in life either.

He may be learning value lessons but he's still a kid. Here's some proof:

I really hope he never loses that 'kid' side.

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