06 July 2015

Seeing things differently

The real deal, not just readers anymore
"Hey Mom and Dad, my eyes are completely dilated right now. I went to have my eyes checked and luckily it's not too bad. I'm just nearsighted so the doctor got me some glasses. Oh they put anti-glare on my glasses."

And so it was, Monday, July 6th and another update from behind the Zion Curtain. Suffice to say, the news of the glasses was not the whole update but being declared nearsighted officially was a thrill for TMFKATB. I don't know why. I've been wearing glasses or contacts since the 5th grade - that's closing in on 40 years for those of you keeping score - and it's not all that great, if I'm honest.

From his letter, sounds like the last week was not as productive as past weeks so that was challenging. He did see himself stretched in terms of exercising faith and seeing the power of prayer take effect on behalf of someone they are working with. He's seeing that it's OK to ask for help when you don't have all the answers either. He's seeing things differently as he grows in his mission service.

So it was a week of learning for TMFKATB. He's still positive in his outlook and feeling great. That is a blessing for which we are so grateful. Can't stop expressing our gratitude for his recovery. He continues to teach me too as he grows from his experiences. It was a good reminder today that you can always see things differently.

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