05 March 2016

A little mayhem

Creative moving solutions.
The ties on the bike frames
are a nice touch.
Apologies for the delay in the update from TMFKATB this week. My travel precluded me from posting, simple as that.
His letter was a real joy to read. It exuded excitement and he used the word 'mayhem.' That's good stuff, people.

It seemed like it was a pretty busy work for him administratively. He and his companion led a few training meetings and spent a big chunk of time honing their creative packing skills as they transferred other missionaries throughout the mission. The use of ties as warning flags was a pretty creative touch. How no one is maimed during these transfer days is beyond me...

There was also a day of service spent translating at a free dental care clinic at the University of Utah. It was that event that he described as 'mayhem.' He also called it 'so fun.' He seems so energized by the work that he and his fellow missionaries are doing. When I read about the things that he's doing, I am grateful that he chose this path. He continues to learn and have experiences that will serve him well the rest of his life. You can't really complain about that, now can you?

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