21 March 2016

Shaking my head

Yes, it's a rat in his elbow. Why? I know not.
Since we had just gotten his update late last week, it really has only been a few days since we heard from TMFKATB. So today's update was, in his words, "quick."

He really didn't have much more to report, other then being a bit bummed that his zone (think work group or team) didn't hit the goals they'd set. I think it's frustrating him, so he's getting some good experience in being a young leader. He and his companion will have to work on different ways to motivate a diverse group of missionaries. These are situations that will benefit him as he continues to mature. It's not a bad thing to be tested.

He's testing us too with the rat picture he sent us. I cannot imagine what he's doing letting a rat crawl over him. It's not like he has an affinity for them. I mean, who does? I'm really shaking my head over this one.

1 comment:

Wonder Woman said...

Looks like it is someone's pet rat Dad. Chill.