07 March 2016

Short and sweet

Fresh fruit on a stick
Throwback to his Mexico days
No one is ever going to accuse TMFKATB of being long-winded or overly descriptive in his weekly missives home. I've lamented that fact plenty before, so the brevity of this week's letter should not have come as a big surprise to anyone, especially me (one can hope though, right?).

Here's the recap:
Things are going well.
They are busy.
They ran into some, and I quote, 'shady people.' Let's remember that he's entrenched behind the Zion Curtain so the 'shady' scale is highly interpretive.
Knee-deep in his study of the New Testament and he's digging it.

There you have it. A week in the life of TMFKATB. Plus a picture of him going to town on what appears to be a mango. I just hope it's not a tumor-esque chunk of fried dough that some BYU student is now selling from a sketchy food truck. Even if it is said fried dough, I can hardly reprimand him for it, given my fondness for food trucks/carts, the sketchier the better, around the world. Best to leave that alone.

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