27 March 2009


Since pulling a Jed Clampett about two and a half years ago...you know, packing up the kinfolk and moving, I have thought a little bit about the differences in the life we knew in California and the one we know now in Illinois. I could make a long list of differences as well as pros/cons, and you all are more than welcome to chime in in the "Comments" section to voice your opinion as to why one is better than the other. The reality is that we had amazing experiences in both places and right now, home is in the Midwest. The freezing Midwest. Where it might just snow again this weekend. Seriously. It's enough already.

But I digress. Back to the differences in these two states. Today, I found two things that seem to nail the differences. Of course, they are food-related.


Those are donut fries, people! This may, in fact, be the greatest food creation EVER!

The Meatloaf Bakery

That is meat, people. Who does this with meat? And why can I not WAIT to try it?

Now the question, what state is the home of Psycho-Donuts and which proudly has the Meatloaf Bakery within its borders? It should be fairly obvious. CA is home to Psycho Donuts and IL proudly boasts the Meatloaf Bakery. And I think the two say a lot about their respective home states. The donut joint is creative, tempting and completely insane and so is California. The meat joint is, well, I'm not sure there are words, other than to say something so homey like that just makes sense, and so it is with Illinois. Things happen here that make you say "Whaaa...t?" but then it all makes sense. I have not sampled the goods at either of these places, but this much I know, I'll be going to both. Next time that I am in downtown Chicago, I'll be hitting the Meatloaf Bakery. I have got to get a meaty cupcake. And then when I'm in the Bay Area, it's off to Campbell for a stop at Psycho Donuts. Isn't food awesome?! I don't think there's a problem it can't solve.

Although we'll see if the orthopedic surgeon I have to see next Friday can solve my knee issues with food. Yep, my follow up with the doctor today lasted all of five minutes. He assessed me quickly and referred me to the orthopedic surgeon. Excellent. I've Google'd far too much about arthroscopic surgery now and am convinced I would like NOT to have it. Hoping the surgeon will have some alternatives for me.

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