20 March 2009

Did the doctor really say surgery?

A couple of months ago, I once again tripped on my shoe laces while running (it was one of those rare days during the evil Chicagoland winter where I could run outside without bundling up like Randy, the kid brother in "A Christmas Story") and when I fell (right in front of my running idol's house while he was standing outside to see me use the street to wipe my face), I slammed down on my right knee with all my weight. End result was some bleeding and torn running pants. Or so I thought.

I stayed off it about a week and then went back to some light running on the stupid treadmill. However, I began to notice anytime I was on the plane, seated, that my knee was a whole lot of agony. Relief was only found when I could get up and walk around. Fast forward to last weekend, I ran four miles outside and had to call the stunningly patient SML to come pick me up. The right knee was killing me and now it was making a somewhat funky noise. The pain when seated was still there as well. I was able to get into my doctor on Monday, which stunned me - normally, there's no getting in there for at least three months unless you are bleeding out your eyes - I think my doctor is practicing for National Health (go Canada!!). X-rays were taken and it was quickly determined there was no fracture but given the pain in my knee joint, the doctor suspected a meniscal tear. His take is that it is probably going to require some arthriscopic surgical attention. Outstanding!

So I am on a two-week run of an anti-inflammatory and then it's off to the orthopedic guy to determine if it really is going to require surgery. The fact that I am looking at a procedure like this is so funny to me. I've spent my whole life avoiding doctors and all things medical. The stunningly patient SML and I were talking the other night about our family's forays into surgeries, procedures, etc., and I was proud to note that I've had nothing to do with those things. And now, because I decided to lose weight precisely so I wouldn't have a heart attack or a fun case of diabetes, I may finally go under the knife, or laser-y thing, in this case.

The best part is that my doctor says I can still run. Excellent. Let's see how much more damage I can do. I'm all for it.

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