08 March 2009

Some Amazing Race and some amazing sushi

Sundays are anything but a day of rest in our house. They are busy days full of churching. I know that's not a word, but I don't know how else to describe it. It's chock full o'church. One of the best ways to decompress for me is a hit of "The Simpsons" and thanks to the miracle of the DVR, I can record "The Amazing Race" and not miss a thing. Tonight's episode of America's favorite family did not disappoint. As soon as it was over, it was over to the DVR to watch TAR, which was already halfway done. CAL joined me to watch the slog through Siberia that was tonight's episode. This show is incredible - so much you get to see and I like how the producers aren't spending as much time in the airports and more time in the locations once the racers get there. While I won't give it all away, the idiot blondes who fly for Southwest partially repaired the damage that they've done to the reputation of flight attendants everywhere. Not completely but it was a start tonight. Luke, the deaf racer, and his mom proved to be a bit sly. I won't spoil it further. I'll just say again that this is an AWESOME show.

Well, during said viewing, the door bell rang. CAL answered it and a few minutes later she appeared with a bunch of sushi in her hands. Some good friends had made sushi and had some leftover and asked themselves who would eat it and my name hit the radar. They were really cool to think of me and bring that over. Totally made my night after a really long day. Here's a shot of my amazing race meal:

Thanks to the restless family for bringing the sushi! Awesome!

So now a new week begins. I hope it goes quickly. I'm tired thinking about it already.


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nbalike said...
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Julia said...

I wish I had a friend who would bring my Sushi. It doesn't look like there is much fish to that sushi though. Love it all!
Happy Sunday.

Restless Mom said...

glad it was good enough to make your blog. that's really saying something.

sorry for the lack of fish. i tend to stay away from raw seafood if it has to be flown in. there's something very wrong with that concept to me. :)

Rachel said...

I get so excited on Sunday mornings for Sunday night! I love the Amazing Race, I seriously every episode picture myself on it and what I would do for each detour, roadblock etc. The best show for sure! Go deaf kid and mom! Were you surprised by who got kicked off?