09 September 2009


It's a birthday day here in the Den. The Boy turns 14 today. What a great kid! He came and stayed with the stunningly patient SML and I last night here at my Mom's. I think he's had enough of mothering from his bossy older sisters. So he came out here and has been hanging out with my Mom. He made her dinner last night - a PB&J, heavy on the jam. Knowing my visceral hate of peanut butter, the Boy made that sandwich without complaint. He also put on a silly movie to watch with my Mom and got them both laughing. Laughter was a welcome sound in this house, can I just tell you?

I am so proud of the Boy. He livens up our house, or any house, for that matter. he brings us great joy. He's kind, empathetic, loud, funny, and never gets down. He's never met a sport he doesn't like. Not quite sure how I wound up with such a good kid - well, I am, thanks to his amazing mother.

He's also incredibly understanding. He gets that this birthday is going to be a little different. He knows that we'll really celebrate when we get home. We'll still do breakfast in bed this morning but the rest of the day will be a bit more challenging. Dad's visitation is tonight and funeral tomorrow. Relatives arrive today and so much to do. But the Boy is just being awesome about all this.

Awesome is a good word to describe him. I am enormously proud of my 14 year old. Happy birthday, son. Love you, Dad

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jill said...

You did a wonderful job today on your talk and held your composer. There is no way I will be able to do that when the time comes. I am sure your dad is a proud father today looking down on his posterity and seeing his son is solid. The oldest boys always are... It is an honor for me to be related and even better that I am mistaken on a regular basis for your handsome Bro. The good Lyon's name will live on with you and the boy..

Oh, try super chunky...