18 September 2009

The man I want to be..and, oh yeah, the man I don't

One of the things I've learned about my Dad since his death is how pretty much every one he met felt like he was their best friend. He was a great man, I always knew that, but I didn't realize how much he touched all those he met. This was drilled home to me today in two places.

Early this morning, I stopped at CVS to pick up one of my Mom's prescriptions and when I gave the pharmacy tech my last name, she paused and asked if I was John Lyons' son. When I said yes, tears welled in her eyes and she told me how much she appreciated my dad. She said that he had learned the name of her new baby, remembered it, and always asked how the baby was doing. She mentioned how much she would miss seeing him. My dad was at the pharmacy a lot and so made a good friend there. Later this afternoon, I finally got the dry cleaner that Dad used to see if he had anything there. When I walked in, the Thai owner asked me for my phone number in order to pull up the order. I gave him my parents' number and he looked at me and said, "You aren't Mr John." I told him that no, no I wasn't and that I was his son. I then explained that my dad had recently died and I was stunned by his reaction. Tears filled his eyes and he called his wife over to say that Mr John had died. She put her hand to her heart and said nothing for a moment. They both were overcome and then began to express their condolences. It was stunning. It struck me how my dad made every person he ever met feel valued and like a friend. He truly was no respecter of persons.

It's made me think about the kind of man I am and I realize that I have to repent. Need to change my ways just a little in order to live a life more like his. I need to be better about making people feel like a friend. I've got to be a better man.

One way not to do it, though, is not eating this monstrosity:
The so called Wise Guy Burger from Red Robin

What on earth would be "wise" about eating this? It's a burger with mozzarella sticks, marinara, peppers, and pepperoni piled on it. No good can come from this. None. How could this make me a better man? It would only make me a deader man. So I am going to vote no and work on being a better man as noted above.

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Dave said...

Hey, I just wanted to tell you that you're holding your own on becoming that man. I'm sorry to hear about your dad. After finding you through facebook months ago, I've been following your blog for a good laugh. I really appreciate your good humor, good example, and opinions. You made an impression on me long ago in the MTC. I've looked up to you since way back then. Have a great birthday today!
Dave Schofield