03 September 2009

In memoriam

John H. Lyons
February 8, 1936 - September 3, 2009

I can't even believe I am writing these words. It can't be happening. Four hours ago, I'm sitting at the office and my cell phone rings - it's my brother calling. I pick up and he says, "He's dead. Dad's dead."

What do you say to that? He wasn't ill, he was fine. He'd gone out to the backyard to putter around and he's struck down by what appears to be a massive heart attack. We still don't know. I'll know more tomorrow when I get there.

I am reeling as I think about the influence my father has had in my life. I can't imagine a better example of Christian service than him. I can't imagine a better example of patience. He was an amazing husband to my mother - nearly 51 years of marriage. She was his life - he truly served her with his whole might, mind, and soul.

So much going through my mind right now. This much I know. I'd be a fool not to live a life like his. The best tribute I could pay him is to turn out something like him. And I am so grateful to a loving Father in Heaven for I know that because of His plan and the sacrifice of his Son, this separation will only be but a moment.

Dad, I love you. I miss you terribly. We'll see each other again.

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Kristin said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.