06 September 2009

The peace Sunday brings

I find it funny that I can travel to time zones that are 11, 12, and 13 hours ahead of my own Central Time Zone and adjust without an issue, but when I make the quick leap to a time zone two hours behind me, I can't make heads or tails of time and I can't sleep. Happened a couple of weeks ago when I traveled to California and it's happened now here in AZ. But I am so glad that Sunday - the Sabbath - is dawning. Sunday is a day of peace.

I suspect some of my sleeping has been impacted by my Dad's death and the fact that the stunningly patient SML and I are staying with my Mom. I am amazed at the strength that my Mom is showing. To be sure, her agony and loss are palpable. She's lost her husband of nearly 51 years. You don't just snap out of that. He waited on her hand and foot and cared for her like no other and so his loss is profound beyond words. It hurts to see her weep, but it also serves as a powerful reminder of how I must live and honor and serve my own wife.

My parents were well-loved and the outporing of love that's been shown has been amazing. Utterly amazing. I am comforted by this as I know that love will transition into action as people will help us as we work now to support my Mom. It was delightful to sit yesterday and listen to my Mom reminisce with two couples who have been friends with my parents for more than 40 years. Recollectios like those will be key to some of the things I will as I speak at Dad's funeral on Thursday.

I am so gald that it's Sunday. I'll have time to get my thoughts togetheras I prepare to represent our family at Dad's service. And today is all about family as we will gather at Church and have a moment to reflect on our Father in Heaven's plan for each of us. We'll be with our extended family as we gather to bless our nephew Jack, the newest baby in our extended family. What a sweet manifestation of our Father in Heaven's plan - we'll welcome this new baby by giving him a name and a blessing as we prepare to bid farewell to my Dad after a life well-lived. We'll bid farewell knowing that this parting is but a temporary one. We will be together again because of Christ's viotory over death. As the familiar hymn goes, "I know that my Redeemer lives! What comfort this sweet sentence gives!" All I can say is amen to that.


heidi said...

Thank you for writing that this Sunday morning. As I sit amidst my own trials I am reminded that our loving Heavenly Father has His hands in all things. Have a wonderful Sunday.

Kristin said...

I am so glad that you felt the peace of the Sabbath.

You know, I planned to send out an email to all the running friends about Champaign, but after hearing about your Dad, I thought I would wait a week or so. Glad you found my post and jumped in anyway.

Know you are in our thoughts and prayers this week, especially Thursday.