05 May 2012

Cinco de Mayo

Reason #129 - why I love Cinco de Mayo
It's Cinco de Mayo and it's no secret that I love, love, love this day.  It may, in fact, rank second, after Easter, in my pantheon of High Holy Holidays.  I know that's probably wrong on multiple levels, but I make no apologies about it. None.

I love this day.  It is one we have celebrated each and every year, regardless of where we've lived.  This year, even with the Den in flux, we are celebrating.  The house is filled with the aroma of chalupa.  The corn tortillas are prepped and ready to be salted and warmed.  The ingredients for the arroz mexicano are just waiting to be mixed and cooked.  The sweet corn cake beckons.  The tables are topped with bottles of Jarritos.  Even the hideousness that is the screeching, murderous tones of ranchera music is queued up.  Man, I love this day.  But boy do I hate ranchera and musica nortena.  It's just awful.  We may have to switch genres to the merengue before all is said and done.

Why the love for this day?  It's not my ethnicity, unless there's a bit of Mexican in me lurking in the genetic mystery pool that is my background.  Let's face it - it's the food.  Any day that means homemade Mexican food is a good day, nay, a great day.  And when crafted at the hand of the stunningly patient and mighty fine SML, all the better.  My wife is an amazing cook and her mastery of Mexican cuisine is outstanding.

This will be our last Cinco de Mayo in the Midwest.  I'm a little concerned about putting this together in New England, the soon-to-be new home of the Den.  It's going to take some additional planning, but mark my words, Cinco de Mayo will be celebrated wherever the Den lands.

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