09 May 2012


For the last couple of years, it's been a lot of fun watching the Boy develop and progress. With his older sisters gone, the stunningly patient and mighty fine SML and I have had the opportunity to see him in a different, more focused light. Sure, he is the undisputed King of the Castle but he's also growing into his own.  It's been cool to watch him navigate the challenges and opportunities life presents him.  We've wanted to leap in and redirect him, and a couple of times we have.  That's what parents do.  You teach and guide your children and you correct with kindness (although I have probably failed miserably on the 'kindness' thing on more than one occasion).

One of the things he's been developing is a skill that comes to him naturally and that's leadership.  He truly is a natural leader and for the last two years he's served in student government at his high school.  For a school located in one of our fine country's most corrupt states, Illinois, it's been a pretty cleanly run student government.  It's been great to watch him progress as he's gotten more and more involved.  It's been really good to see him involved and having a good time.  That's what he does.  He gets involved and he has a good time.

Last night was the Student Government Banquet and the Boy was honored as Student Representative of the Year.  This was a peer-nomination award and in my humble opinion, he earned it and deserved it.  He's served well and I'm glad he was recognized.  He truly represented!

It was especially touching to me that he was awarded, given that this is his last year as a representative as a result of our pending move to New England.  As he was describing the award to me via text, I got emotional.  I was, and am, so proud of him.  I also got hit head-on by the Guilt Truck once again, knowing that this move means so many changes for him.  I am certain he's going to do well once we get settled because that's who he is.  And that got me more worked up. More emotions poured out because of the way he's accepted the move and the coolness he's displayed about it.  I'm officially a trainwreck.

I'm also a proud father and husband.  I am a ridiculously lucky man.

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Monty Newlin said...

Congrats to the Boy! And good job by you and your wife. Be careful -- you may be raising a politican in your house. Just make sure he doesn't follow the usual IL example! Maybe this is one reason you're leaving this political cesspool.