23 May 2012


Maybe it's the fact that ESPN Classic has, on what appears to be the best whim ever, been playing episodes of TV's greatest homage to mediocre talent and flash-in-the-pan stardom, 'Battle of the Network Stars,' or maybe it's the fact that we are just over two weeks away from completing the sale of our house that I'm waxing a bit nostalgic.

That wave of nostalgia rose to new heights today.  I'm test driving a brand-new, fully loaded Mercedes GLK350 for 24 hours.  Lest you think I've gone mad and am buying a new car while we are trying to close one house, move, and find another, I assure you that I'm not.  Buying a new car, I mean. Going, or gone, mad is subject to interpretation. Long story short is that from time to time at work we are asked to test vehicles for our fleet and provide feedback on them. So that's what I'm doing.  Don't worry my OMC (Old Man Car) is staying with me.

Anyway, since said vehicle has all the bells and whistles, as soon I got in it, I fired up the SiriusXM radio and went directly to Channel 8 - the 80's on 8.  In no time, thanks to that great music, it was high school all over again.  The memories flooded back, like the proverbial tsunami.  It was great fun.  I realized that it had been awhile since I had satellite radio and I'd forgotten that they'd managed to resurrect the careers of a few of these people:
Martha Quinn, who sure could use a sandwich from the looks of things in this picture, and the pseudo-rock chick blonde, Nina Blackwood, are both DJ's on the Sirius 80's channel.  Hearing Martha brought back a lot of good memories. Hearing Nina was terrifying.  If you haven't heard her lately, imagine, if you will, a smoke-filled Las Vegas casino that hasn't seen a renovation since 1968. Notably, it's not hired a new waitress since '68 either.  Now imagine that veteran waitress coming up to you after her smoke break where she managed to inhale an entire pack of unfiltered Camels and asking you, 'OK, honey, what do you want?'  You know what that voice sounds like and it's scary.  That's what Nina sounded like to me today.  It was rough.

It wasn't rough enough to kill the nostalgia buzz.  It's been great.  The more I think about it though,  I really do think this is about all that's going on here in the Den right now.  There's a lot changing.  In the face of change, sometimes you cling to the good old days.  It was good to take that trip down memory lane today.

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