18 July 2012

Almost home

Five months of living in an extended stay hotel gives you a new perspective on life.  It doesn't matter how nice the place is or how friendly the staff, you know that an extended stay property is not home.  For the stunningly patient and mighty fine SML and the Boy, it's been a mere six weeks in extended stay purgartory but we are all ready to get back in a house.  A home.

We are almost home.  We did our final walk-through on the new house late this afternoon.  Shortest punch list ever, I think.  We're really pleased with our builder and the home we close on this Friday.  At this point, I think the house could have had a wrinkle in time in the closet and we'd still take possession.  We are so, so ready to be in a home again.  It will be good, so good, to be in a place where the things we are using are ours.  No need to worry about who slept in the bed before you.  It will be so good to not have skanky bridal parties in our breakfast area.  That's been our weekends while here in extended stay land.  I'm delighted to see that coming to an end.

Our close on this new house can't come fast enough.  We are ready to set up and start a new phase of life here in the Den.  It's going to be good to be home again.

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