29 July 2012

We're not in Kansas, er, Illinois, anymore

No sooner did we move into the new house last Saturday did I have to leave for four days for a conference. I was only up the road in Boston, but, I might as well have been in Botswana.  I felt completely disconnected from my family as they were unpacking and setting up the new house.

I got home late Wednesday night to find a house transformed.  The stunningly patient and mighty fine SML and the Boy has done so, so much.  The house looked looks fantastic.  We are still amazed that all of our junk beloved items fits in this house without looking or feeling like an episode of "Hoarders."  One of the best parts of being home was sleeping in my own bed.  After five months of hotel beds, getting into my own bed was pretty much awesome.  Knowing that my wife was right alongside me was, and is, even better.  I'd be delighted to not take a road trip for awhile.

That said, this past Friday, the Boy and I did make a quick trip down to the Bronx to go to a, dare I say it, Yankees game.  Just saying that team's name makes me feel kind of gross.  They were playing the Red Sox so it promised to be an interesting game from a fan perspective.  They did not disappoint - from booing the Red Sox to tossing the balls that the Red Sox hit into the stands back onto the field, the Yankees fans made it clear whose house the Sox were in.

Wrigley it is not
Say what you will about this NYC team, and believe me, there is plenty to say, they know how to build an amazing facility.  It is an absolute homage, dare I say a temple, to baseball.  It is spectacular. The Boy and I had so much fun walking around, seeing images of players of old, like Mickey Mantle. It was really cool.  They also make a mean sushi in the Audi Club, I'm just saying.

For all its awesomeness, it's not Wrigley Field.  It doesn't have the intimate feel that Wrigley does.  The fan experience is completely different.  Completely.  As I gazed out at the field, it was clear that there is no doubt that we've moved on. We are, for sure, no longer in the Midwest. Illinois, much like Elvis, we have left the building.  We had lots of great memories made there and now it's time for new ones.

We're creating new and good memories here.  Having five hours, because that's how long it takes to get to and from the City, in the car with my son is pretty much priceless.  It was a good night of conversation.  It was good, really good, to connect further with the Boy.  It was made all the better by the satellite radio blasting away in the car we took down to the City.  Nothing like the opportunity to show your kid why 80's music rules, and always will.

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