12 July 2012

Another birthday, but not mine

It is with great pleasure and not a small amount of shame that I announce that today is the birthday of my amazing and stunningly patient wife, SML.  Why the 'shame' reference, you ask?

If you're keeping score, you'll recall that last year on this day, I managed to forget my best friend's birthday.  She who bore our children.  She who has not kicked me to the curb. She who has moved more and further away than she ever expected.  Yes, my amazing wife and I managed to forget her birthday last year.  No excuses for it. None.

I wasn't about to repeat that faux pas this year, can I just tell you?  I didn't forget. Now that said, nothing spectacular occurred either.  I had early calls and needed to be in the office early, so the Boy took over on breakfast in bed duty.  It was made simpler by the fact that our hotel/home provides breakfast every day. When I got home, we opened presents - all of which I managed to buy this year. I didn't stick to the list this year. I put some thought into this and I think I did just fine for her this year. Look, I don't say that to brag.  I simply am trying to show that I'm not a complete dufus. Anyway, we capped the evening by sampling a new pizza place that's about five minutes from our new house. It was excellent. Bonus birthday find.

I can safely say my wife is happy how this day went.  This means I am happy.  It means the Boy is happy. He's also happy because he got a job.  A j-o-b, people. He's the newest sales associate at, wait for it, Old Navy. Methinks that it's going to be a goldmine in terms of fodder for the blog.  I can't wait.

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