07 July 2012

Date Night

It's often been said that one of the secrets to a happy marriage is to remember that dating doesn't stop once your married.  I shouldn't have to clarify that statement but I will. This means you shouldn't stop dating your spouse once you've sealed the deal, as it were. All other dating is verboten.  If I have to tell you that, there are other issues that need to be cleared up but not in this forum.

Last night, the stunningly patient and mighty fine SML and I reinstituted date night.  Myriad are the reasons why we've not had a regular date night in a long time.  First among them is that we've lived apart for three full months this year as a result of my relocation for my new job.  Secondly, since we've been reunited in the uber-delightful circumstances that are extended-stay hotel living, we've had a significant impediment to getting out.  And that impediment is not The Boy.  No, that impediment is Beijing.  I referenced her inability to not bark when we leave her since she got here.  So it's been a trick to try and coordinate schedules with The Boy so that someone is with the damn dang dog.

Last night, I drew a line in the sand and had The Boy stay home, and by home I mean ensconced in the one-bedroom luxury that we find ourselves in right now (two more weeks, just two more weeks), so that his mother and I could get out. We went on a date.  Nothing fancy.  No driving to Boston or taking the train to NYC for the night.  No, just dinner and walking around in the (relatively) pleasant evening air.  Dinner was at a burger joint that neither of us had tried yet and we both really liked it.  My burger was loaded with jalapenos and candied peppers. Said peppers had enough heat to take off some of my chest hair (sadly, not the gray ones).  After dinner, we walked, hand-in-hand, around the little shopping district we were in and had a chance to simply enjoy being together.  It was a good night.

We have to do date nights more often.  It will be easier once we are settled in our new home and the psychotic dog stabilizes.  But even if she doesn't, we'll be in our own house and won't have to worry about hotel guests complaining about her.  I'm looking forward to getting back in the date night groove again.  I like dating my wife.

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