19 December 2015


When Homer Simpson once referenced the learning process, he called it 'edumacation.' Clearly, he was less than a stellar student. I figure he referred to his own graduation ceremony as 'gradumacation,' given that the brain power wattage there isn't exactly running at full power.

Last night, though, there was no display of dim brain power wattage. It was quite the opposite as we gathered at BYU-I in freezing, snowy Rexburg, ID to watch our CAL receive her diploma. Four years of hard work were capped as she strode across the stage, smiling from ear to ear, and shaking hands with the robed university and Church leadership. In that moment, CAL looked confident, happy, and relieved.

For the stunningly patient and mighty fine SML and me, CAL's graduation was a  joy. We kept looking over at each other throughout the ceremony, smiling. We knew what this night meant for our girl. We've watched her work so hard, carrying a crazy class schedule in order to accelerate her graduation timeline. We would try to get her to ease up on her hours but CAL's independent streak and personal commitment won out. It was cool to see one of her professor's seek her out last night to congratulate her, hug her, and tell her "Well done!" I couldn't agree more.

Well done, Princess, well done!

BTW - Remember when we were here earlier this year and I ranted about the dirty Albertson's grocery store? Still not cleaned. Nice.

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