26 December 2014


From the looks of the picture, there are a lot of ways to express the number 22. You see boldness, whimsy, strength, color, and creativity. Those are just a few of the things I see in my daughter, CAL, who turns 22 today.

I won't wax nostalgically for the days when she was a baby nor will I lament that I continue to age with the lamentation, 'How can I have a 22 year old?' Um, that ship has sailed people. I will, instead, be happy to be celebrating this day with her. She's at a great point in her life. She's closing in on the end of her senior year in university. She can see the proverbial 'light' at the end of the tunnel. She's got a solid plan for life post-graduation.

As we drove (and by 'drove,' I mean sat idling on the evil that is the Third World Van Wyck Expressway) back from JFK last Sunday after picking her up, CAL outlined her plans for her internship and practicum. She talked about the hospitals that she has targeted for both phases and her excitement about what the potential opportunities was palpable. As I listened to her, I could not help but be proud of my girl.

The stunningly patient and mighty fine SML have CAL all to ourselves this birthday and we are looking forward to spending it with her. The girl is a gift. She has always been the best 'late' Christmas gift a Dad could have ever wished for.

Happy birthday, Princess!

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