29 December 2014

Every day we can see miracles

Getting ready to turn the brown water, well, green
So this week's email from TMFKATB was pretty awesome, if I can so say with just a little fatherly pride. He was radiating excitement and has seemed to discover the joy that is found in working hard on behalf of others. He seems to be losing himself in the work. The day after we spoke to him (thanks interwebs and a Skype connection that held up), he participated in his first baptismal ordinance as a missionary. That's a milestone event for any missionary and he was exuberant about it and the bumps that he and his companion had to iron out to get there.

He talked a bit in his email about miracles. He reminded us that every day we can see miracles. All we have to do is open our eyes to see them. He's right. I think that far too often our vision is blocked by the 'noise' in our lives and it prevents us from seeing the miracles all around us. I'm not talking Moses parting the Red Seas or Fox News actually acknowledging that their patron saint, Sarah Palin, is certifiably insane miracles, but the every day miracles that come our way. They are there. Whether it's following the prompting to buy an extra bagel and giving it to the homeless guy outside your office or finding a few extra minutes in the day to call your mom, those little miracles are all around us. Like TMFKATB said, we just have to open our eyes to them.
That's an iguana-filled tamale, people. Iguana!

And finally, here's what he had for Christmas dinner. Iguana filled tamales. You have no idea how jealous I am!

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