22 December 2014

"crzy week" or "i don't like to type"

So getting the letter, entitled 'crzy week' today from The Missionary Formerly Known As The Boy (TMFKATB) was a bit of an early Christmas present because not only did we get his email, we'll get to see and speak to him this week. We had a brief real time email chat with him and you could sense his excitement at the fact that we will be able to see each other on Christmas Day. Thanks to the interwebs and the Skype for harnessing that power. Sadly because we have now gone from bad to worse in terms of internet providers, we are praying something fierce that it behaves on Thursday. Because we are more than a little excited to see him and hear his voice!

TMFKATB's letter was brief. He was in Tuxtla Gutierrez again for a couple of days and 'enjoyed' yet another lengthy bus ride. Jealous? He also copped to what has become painstakingly clear. After I may or may not have pointed out that his emails were a little light on detail, he admitted the following: "i don't like to type." Well, clearly. You also don't like to use capital letters. Suffice to say, we'll be having a little chat about beefing up his emails.

I'm not sure how I'm going to react when I see him and hear him speaking in Spanish. I have no barometer on how my emotions act when I'm talking about him. On Saturday, the barber that TMFKATB and I shared were talking about him and I couldn't stop smiling and laughing the whole time. About a week ago, while at a Church meeting, a woman we know casually asked about him and I busted out crying - big weepy tears crying - two words into talking about him. So who knows what's going to erupt this week, other than my heart.

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