31 December 2014

The Last Word

There's no such thing
Today marks the last day of 2014.

Today marks the last day to complete all those resolutions you made 364 days ago. How's that going? Not well? Welcome to the club.

Today marks the last day to look back on the year that was before a new year dawns. Or does it?

Does it hurt or help to look back? The interwebs are chock full o' lists right now that look back on the year that was. You know what I'm talking about..."Best of this" "Worst of that" blah blah blah. Just go, carefully I beg you, to Buzzfeed and you'll see what I mean. In so doing, you will also weep profusely and inconsolably for what 'new journalism' means. But I digress.

It's not like these lists are the last word on anything. There's always more to say. Just because a year is ending does not mean there will be no more looking back on a certain topic or that nothing more will be said about it or learned from it. What is it that's been said...those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it?

In that spirit, I've looked back on the 2014 activity here in the Den and it's been an interesting year with you, my good readers (all three of you). Based on post popularity, you took the greatest pleasure in my medical shenanigans; my post-operative battle with tight pants; my job switch; saying goodbye to The Missionary Formerly Known as The Boy; and TMFKATB's acceptance in university. I'm so glad that my heinously sick gall bladder brought you such joy. I'm also glad it helped pay for the new wing at the UConn Medical Center.

In all seriousness, those posts represented a lot of the more personal things that went down here in the Den in 2014. I'm glad I was able to overshare them with you. I love the power of the word, both written and spoken. I'm know that they don't represent the last word here either. I don't think there's such a thing as a last word. For that, I am grateful.

So know there will be more words a-coming in 2015. There is no 'last word' in sight here. So feel free to keep your seat here in the Den and enjoy!

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