24 December 2014

He Is The Gift

It's Christmas Eve and it started early for this 'elf.' I fired up the 'sleigh' at 330AM to take some friends to the airport so they can celebrate with family behind the Zion Curtain. And now, as my work day has closed and my year-end holiday has begun, I'm off to get a few things done, including busting a hump in the kitchen making my garlic-infused red potatoes, before we host dinner here tonight with some other friends.

This is an amazing time of year. We pause to reflect. We pause to count the many blessings we've been given. We revel in the love of family and friends. We celebrate faith. We sorrow over those who have reason to be sad right now. Most importanly, we marvel at the God-given gift we were all given- Jesus the Christ.

May your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day be full of wonder, peace, friendship, and love.

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