13 June 2010

Another running milestone

Running milestones are many - a PR in a 10K, or a half, or finishing a first marathon. Others include unpleasant chafing, bloody nipples, gastrointestinal drama, or the pukes. I've hit a lot of these milestones and hit another one yesterday during the weekly CARA group run.

We were running eight miles or six miles for the novices. While it was cloudy and appeared cool, stepping outside told a different story. The humidity in the air was so thick you could slice it. Seriously. It was ugly but we headed out. First mile was fine - about a 10:10 pace, but somewhere in the second mile, my stomach made it perfectly clear, it was not happy with conditions inside and out. I immediately started to dial down the pace but before I knew it, I was off the trail, and hunched over, inviting the yogurt I'd had early to move out. And then, like the fool, it was back to the trail to catch up with the group. Got to mile three and then brought the last of the group back in. I threw in the towel at six miles. Have to admit we all kind of looked like the walking wounded as we gathered at our finishing point. I certainly felt like it.

I got so, so spoiled last summer. We had hardly any humidity to speak of and the temps were so mild. This summer is not starting off that way by any stretch. The humidity has been brutal. However, it still beats running in the dry heat of the desert. I ran nearly four miles on Thursday in Las Vegas and even going out at 545AM, it was already 90 degrees and miserable. Felt like I was breathing in fire. I'd rather go the drowning route.

So a new week is upon me and we'll see how the running goes. Need to get 20 miles in. Mapping it out now. It's been a good Sunday. Talks today at church were really good. Helped me to put the things of most worth into brighter focus. Yeah, it's been a good day. Well, not so good for the Australian Socceroos. The German national team eviscerated them in their opening World Cup match. It was a little tough to watch but the World Cup has started well. It's going to be a great month of matches.

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