23 June 2010

"Oh the humidity!"

With all due respect to Herbert Morrison as he gave the live play-by-play of the Hindenburg as it landed (well, crashed) in 1937, all I can say is, "Oh the humidity!"

While not as epic as the humidity and heat combo platter in Houston or Miami, we are in the throes of a heat and humidity fiesta that has made being outside pretty much awful. Running in it is a test of wills, to say the least. I ran last night and did speedwork with my group. It was 91 degrees and the humidity was pounding. It made speedwork more like slow work. I ran again this morning at 5AM and did some hill work at the end of my three-miler and I pretty much came home as sweaty as the guy/missing link in this picture:

No wonder Ben Stiller is in full repel mode!

It's like being back in Miami again. Feels like I'm running in the deep end of a heated swimming pool. Ugh...and I can hear the thunder rolling right now. More thunderstorms. More heat. More humidity. And maybe a tornado warning. Midwest summers...they're never dull.

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