16 June 2010

The One Summer Blockbuster I'm Really Eager to See

So far, I've seen exactly one of the big summer "blockbuster" movies. That one was the fourth installment of the Shrek series and quite frankly, it was not particularly awesome. And there's not been a lot in the previews that's forcing me into the theaters this summer. Except for one movie and it opens this Friday, June 18th. I speak of course of "Toy Story 3."

As a solidly middle-aged father of three where even my youngest is out of the target kid demographic for this film, I am all kinds of excited to see it. I can watch the "Toy Story" films over and over again. The story lines are crisp, funny, and are not the usual maudlin Disney flotsam and jetsam - thank you, Pixar for raising the bar. Although the Disney Parent Killing Machine is in place here (as usual, one parent is M.I.A. - so, boo, Pixar, for not raising the bar on this one).

Here's the trailer:

I'm not to proud to admit that there are things in these movies that have always made me remember that I don't have a heart of stone (although I still stand firm on my negative position on Valentine's Day). I cried in during the first ten minutes of "Up" and this scene/song from "Toy Story 2" still gets me:

Now usually for me, Sarah MacLachlan is the musical equivalent of nails screeching across the chalkboard. Not here. Maybe it's because I see so much of my girls' growing up in this song. Always gets me.

So who knows what will get me in the third movie. I don't care. I can't wait to find out.

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