30 June 2010

Motivation, I need some

I'm in a running funk. I can think of no other way to describe it. Since running this past Saturday in the oven that is Las Vegas, I have been gutted when it comes to my training. My work schedule has been awful this week and that's made it very challenging, but not impossible. I am in the middle of training for another half-marathon and I am spent. I don't think it's so much physical as it is mental. I am in desperate need of motivation here. Maybe this will work...

Who am I kidding? I mean I like the way running makes me feel. I like what it does to my mind. I just don't get why I am in the funk that I'm in right now. I have got to get out of it. Otherwise, I'll turn into this again:
Cover your eyes!

May this never happen again. So, readers, toss me some motivation. What works for you? Would love to hear it.

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heidi said...

Wow do I EVER know this feeling. For me I had to take a break from my running partner. Mentally I was struggling and still am actually. I started running alone for a while and found that I liked the alone feeling and that I had to push myself because it was all me. I also ran with no music for a while because I felt so cluttered between my songs that sounded like fingernails on a chalkboard and my thoughts of not wanting to run, and I found that my brain liked the break...

Good luck, I guess the conclusion that I came to was to change things up a bit and I also lessened my training days.