27 June 2010

From the CO President's Club in IAH

I've been a bit remiss in posting this week. A lot of things going on and had a weekend trip thrown in and I'm now on my way home from that trip. I'm in Houston (IAH) awaiting my delayed connection to ORD. Delayed, Chicago...are there two words that are more synonymous? I dare say no. Good thing I've got President Club access and can enjoy their free wifi and never-ending supply of Fritos (time to up the quality on the snacks, that's all I'm saying).

I'll be glad to get home. We're still down a kid in the Den. CAL got home yesterday from, and I quote, "the best week of my life." The Boy left yesterday for two weeks and he's already having, and I quote, "a blast." He's also already burning through the minutes on his pre-paid cell phone that we got him for his trip. Should I be concerned that my children seem to have a much better time when they are away?

Maybe I can ponder that nugget on the flight home. That is of course if I don't get distracted watching World Cup on the live TV that Continental has. Well-done on that in-flight entertainment enhancement, Continental, well-done!

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