26 December 2009


Today, December 26, is a day of celebration in the Lyons Den. We celebrate CAL's birthday and today she is 17 years young. I just got back from driving her to work (she has a license - we have eight inches of freshly fallen snow - thank you, Mother Nature for that belated Christmas gift - on the ground and the stunningly patient SML didn't want her driving) and I marvel at the amazing young woman she is.

We started her day as we do an all birthdays here by bringing her breakfast in bed. She had French Toast, slathered in my Kryptonite, the wretched peanut butter, and my gift to her was not losing my breakfast all over her bed. I mean she had the peanut butter swimming in a lake of syrup. Hideous doesn't even begin to describe it...anyway, like I said I gave her that one gift and then it was time for the other gifts. Clothes, clothes, and more clothes. Except for having one of the Jonas Brothers, Nick specifically, sing to her today, what else could she have wanted?

Lunch and a movie, that's what. So we packed up to brave the snow and went to California Pizza Kitchen, where we were pretty much the only diners and then we raced off to see "Invictus." It was a good movie - a message film without being preachy. You come away being amazed at the humility and brilliance of Nelson Mandela. It was hopeful.

It was a good day with CAL. She is a young woman now, working and planning for college. Can't believe she'll be joining her sister, Our Lady of BYU, sooner than we think. She is a delight and I am grateful that she continues to put up with me as her Dad. I treasure this picture of the two of us:

Love you, CAL, and happy birthday!

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