02 December 2009

Not well played, Tiger

So it's been a very weird week at work. It's been one of those weeks where everything that you've worked hard on and planned has gone awry and done so at the worst possible moment. It drives me crazy and given that we've had a couple of nights of full moons here, if I were superstitious, I'd almost argue something's up with that full moon thing.

That being said, at least my ups-and-downs are not being made into fodder for Taiwanese news stations. That is to say, I'm not Tiger Woods. Amazing golfer. Enormous, enormous idiot. His "apology" was pathetic, nearly as pathetic as his adulterous behavior. Clearly, not well-played Tiger.

The media has had a field day with this and I have to give props to the Taiwanese news team that came up with the "inside Casa Tiger" on the night of the accident story. Check out their brilliance here...don't let the Chinese narration throw you. You need only watch to see what they've done:
Thanks Mike T. for sending me this clip
And further thanks to Mike T. for sending this gem

The world media and those who are really good with Photoshop are something else. Take what the Taiwanese have done with the afore-mentioned clip...I'm willing to bet they've captured pretty accurately what went down at Casa Tiger. And you have to admit that the animation of Sim-Elin taking the club to the SUV is awesome. But in a matter of hours, the media managed to get one of the most private, yet well-known, personalities in the world to come clean on his pecadillos. If the collective world media can get Tiger to crack, why haven't we sicked the media on the search for Bin Laden? Seriously. They'd have him in no time, don't you think? And you have to just be amazed by people who can doctor a photo like the one above. It's unbelievable. It's sick. It's funny.

I'd like to say I'm disappointed that yet another celebrity/athlete/idol has found himself/herself in a moral bruhaha. I'm not. It's gotten boring. And that's a sad comment on the world that we live in now. We've come to expect it.

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