18 December 2009

So that flight won't be on-time

Our Lady of BYU was due to return home this evening after a successful Fall term. Alas, the She-Beast that is Mother Nature has decided to wreak havoc on her on-time return. Here's the announcement on the O'Hare/Midway airports website:

"During inclement weather, passengers
traveling through O'Hare or Midway International Airports,
or picking up passengers are advised to check their airline's
Web site or call to confirm the status of their flight."

It's kind of sleeting. I'm no meteorologist so I won't pretend to figure out what's happening in the skies above ORD today but I do know this...that airport has its own weather. It can be overcast all around it, but they will be pounded with snow. Crazy. So Our Lady sits in SLC without a Red Carpet Club to hide in. It's going to be a long night for her.

It will be good to get her home. We've missed her. I've missed her. I'm still not fully cool with this oldest child growing and leaving thing. She's having such a great time, as her latest personal blog post reflects and I am so grateful for that, but it's tough to see her growing up. CAL is doing the same. And so is the Boy for that matter. I can't stop it. I am terribly grateful that their mother, the stunningly patient SML, did such an amazing job raising them. I did my part but they wouldn't be who they are today were it not for her. Seriously.

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