05 December 2009

Giving 'til it hurts

After three tries, the fourth try at 730AM today was a success! I was able to donate blood! This saga started about three weeks ago. I went in for my scheduled donation and was promptly deferred when the antibiotic I was taking landed me on the "deferred" list. I rescheduled for a week later and found myself in the throes of a cold, with a wicked sore throat, that forced me out of that appointment. Rescheduled for several days later and I was still waylaid by the cold. One more time. Scheduled for 7:10AM today. Initially it didn't look good either. My blood pressure was "off" according to the people there. Had I had a lot of coffee, they asked. Well, unless I threw down several cups in Michael's bizarro world, the answer was no, given that I've never had a cup of coffee in all my life. They called in another lady and she took my pressure and declared me worthy to give! Bless her soul! So off to the Blood Barcolounger I went to donate.

It was an easy donation. A mere six minutes and we were done. A couple of cans of apple juice later and I was out of there. That giving did not hurt.

The giving that did hurt was the "give" required to fix the Swedemobile today. Flat tire that could not be repaired, so a new tire was required. Of course, they tried to upsell me on a pair. They also informed that it looked like the shocks needed some work. I'm done "giving" on the Swedemobile. It's behavior of late is reflecting that of its maker-owner. Kind of falling apart. Fantastic. And I don't mean that in a good way.

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