19 December 2009

Snow...it's kind of good to see you

The winter greeting that we got from Mother Nature last night, which delayed Our Lady of BYU by nearly two hours, spent the night with us here in Chicagoland. We awoke this morning to a beautiful blanket of snow. It was a very manageable snow as well, not heavy and wet. I was eager to get out in it, not to shovel but to run. So I did. Took off about 730AM for about 2.5 miles, not long but perfect for the conditions. There was something so invigorating as I heard the snow crunching under my feet. It was cool to look over my shoulder as I ran to see the footprints I was creating as well. It was a gorgeous morning. I have to say the snow made the difference.

Got home and it was time to shovel. Like I said, it was manageable and the Boy jumped right in without complaint to help. He's really good about handling the snow issue. He's good about most stuff.

Since it was our first morning with Our Lady back, we decided to enjoy breakfast out so we headed into our little downtown to a breakfast place called Tangerine. CAL, the Boy, and I had eaten there once over the summer and really enjoyed it, so it was good to take the stunningly patient SML and Our Lady there. With a light snow still falling, some of the normal crowds were missing, so we were seated without a wait. The menu is not overwhelming and it was easy to find something for everyone. Things taste fresh there and are hearty without feeling like you've ingested cement. Our Lady had the banana nut french toast:
She eats it without syrup, which is not right!

Other items on our tab included the chocolate chip pancakes, the southwest breakfast burrito, the nutella-filled crepes, and I had the eggs on toast. These were awesome because of the bacon, the garlic in which the eggs were sauteed, and the bacon.
This was really good!

The rest of the day was spent on errands, getting ready for Sunday, and enjoying some downtime. Again, looking outside at the freshly fallen snow throughout the day was beautiful. It's been a good day.

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