25 December 2009

Merry Christmas

I just looked at my post from Christmas 2008 and realize that we are tremendous creatures of habit here in the Den. It was pretty much the same day, with just a few minor changes this year, noted below:

- I slept in until 600AM instead of 630AM
- The French Toast Casserole is still the butter-laden equivalent of a nuclear bomb, and yet, I still made it, and we all ate it.
- It was not - 4 degrees today, like it was last year, although it's snowing again.

Everything else was pretty much the same. Or as we like to say, it was all traditional. It has been a good day. I am grateful for the chance we had to be together as family and for the evening we just spent with good friends. I'm grateful for each of the gifts of the season - most importantly, the gift of family, faith, and friendship. Grateful, indeed.

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