06 December 2009

Sunday morning observations

Without fail it seems, I wake up early on Sunday mornings. 500AM seems to be my average. Nothing I can do about but accept it. It's always quiet at that hour and it gives me an opportunity to think, ponder, and review what's doing in my life.

Here's what I know - I have a good life. No, a very good life. I am amazed that the stunningly patient and mighty fine SML puts up with my multitude of faults and quirks. We've been blessed with amazing children. Our Lady of BYU, CAL, and the Boy are a joy, day in and day out. We are able to worship God and His Son as we choose and feel blessed as a result. I see His hand in our lives and in the lives of extended family and friends time and time again. We have a roof over our heads and food on the table. I know we are blessed.

So in the things that really matter, we are good. Always there is room to improve and I strive/struggle to do that. I'm working on that whole improvement thing. I'm getting the sense that there's something more or something else waiting for our family and it's time to start finding out what that is. So let the pursuit begin. Look for updates, and maybe the occasional cry for help, here.

Speaking of pursuits, DO NOT miss the season finale of "The Amazing Race" tonight. It's been a good season and I suspect that Malibu Ken and Pinched-Face Barbie are going to win. They've run a good race so if they do take it, good for them.

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