24 December 2009

The reason for the season

We're in the home stretch of preparations for Christmas Eve and Christmas. I got the tamales last night (muchas gracias a mis amigos en el supermercado El Guero en Aurora) and it seems like we are ready. It's been a bit of a rush and the weather is going to make any last-minute preparations a bit of a train wreck. We are awash in ice. Not snow, ice and it is not pleasant. I'd rather be contending with feet of snow than the ice. Yuck.

So the slowdown does give me a moment to consider the real reason for the season - celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. How grateful I am for His birth and all that it ushered in. There would be no hope; no redemption from the entanglement of sin; no victory over the chains of death and of these things, I am certain. I don't want to forget that and I appreciate reminders of the real reason why we celebrate Christmas like the one in this video:

Merry Christmas and may His Spirit be with you.

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