12 December 2009

My nod to the holiday season

There are a mere two musical works that I like at Christmas. Two. One is Handel's "Messiah" and there is simply no comparison to that stunning musical tribute to the Christ Child's birth. It is so moving, so compelling. I can't get it enough of it.

And then there's the other one I like. It's a little less, well, highbrow. It's got entirely too many mullets in it. And Phil Collins. Those of you of a certain age probably already know what I'm talking about..."Do They Know It's Christmas?" Thank you, thank you Bob Geldof for getting that collection of 80's bands/train wrecks (Paul Young, Boy George and Culture Club, George Michael sans the other one that made up Wham, that guy from Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran, Bono sporting the most wicked of mullets, Banarama, Jody Whatley, the previously mentioned Phil Collins to name but a few) together to make a broad appeal to resolve famine in Africa.

So I give you "Do They Know It's Christmas?"

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